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We Do More Than Repair Your RV – We Build Lasting Relationships With Our Clients!

Since 1996, North Texas RV has served recreational vehicle enthusiasts with all their repair, service, and sales needs. That’s rare in the RV industry. For one, RV repair facilities can’t be found on every street corner like traditional auto body shops. RVs are your ticket to explore the country in comfort, and it takes specialized professionals to maintain that reliability. Secondly, not every facility can meet all those needs under one roof.

RV Repair - Specialized Services

North Texas RV isn’t your everyday RV repair shop – and we know you’ll like that about us! We treat your RV like it was our own, and our unique suite of RV services, inventory, quality workmanship, and intangibles truly run the gamut. Couple that with our family atmosphere and dedication to building lasting relationships, and every customer wins. We’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to repairs and service – and we’ve mastered them all!

Our list of services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-service paint and bodywork
  • More than 20 areas of specialized service
  • Computerized mixing system
  • RV storage units
  • Available towing
  • Secured premises and full-service hookups for extended stays
  • Computerized estimates
  • Pre-owned RV sales, trade-ins, and consignment
  • And so much more

Reliable Service from a Family-Owned Company

Our philosophy…. AT NORTH TEXAS RECREATIONAL VEHICLE REPAIR, all our clients and RV’s are treated with the utmost care and respect. We understand that most of our clients have never been in an accident before. Many times they are completely devastated, confused and aren’t sure how to handle the situation. We are here to help.

In 1989, Ken opened North Texas Auto Body, Inc. in Denton, TX and figured he had found his calling. While business was going great, a customer eventually showed up at the front door and asked Ken if he’d ever done work on a motorhome.

“No,” Ken said. “But I can figure it out.”

Not only did he figure it out but he became the go-to specialist for RV enthusiasts everywhere. North Texas RV was officially open for business and 100% committed to RV repair and service by 1996! Today, North Texas RV sits on 16 acres of land four miles west of I-35 on Highway 380 and services clients from North Texas to Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arkansas. The Minhinnetts and their family have surrounded themselves with the friendliest and most experienced technicians and sales staff possible, but as owners, they are still as hands-on as ever.

North Texas RV offers unsurpassed quality with honesty, concern, and knowledge to ensure 100% complete satisfaction and unrivaled customer service. Give North Texas RV a call today!

RV Repair - Specialized Services

We are just 4 miles west of I-35 on Highway 380!

North Texas Recreational Vehicle Repair – www.ntrvrepair.com
Phone: (940) 482-0186 • Toll Free: 1-888-399-0973 • Fax: (940) 482-0187
11399 US Highway 380 West
Krum, Texas 76249

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11399 US Highway 380 West
Krum, Texas 76249


(940) 482-0186 or Toll Free: 1-888-399-0973


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We are just 4 miles west of I-35 on Highway 380!

Kind Words from loyal Customers…

“You provided an ideal environment for a very difficult task.”Thomas E. B.